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Virtual Viewbox® was engaged by Texas Radiology Cooperative (TRC) to create a secure private Health Information Exchange (HIE) in order to support the network of nine outpatient imaging centers and scores of medical providers requiring reports and images from a variety of disparate imaging centers. One patient may have current and prior studies performed at a multiple imaging centers under multiple "unique patient ID numbers".  Virtual Viewbox created a Master Index to facilitate aggregation of multiple studies from multiple imaging studies of a single patient.

Virtual Viewbox® Software as a Service and secure cloud based portal was designed to provide a HIPAA compliant portal for medical providers that need to collaborate with other medical providers about personal injury medical records in isolation from the remainder of  an injured patient's medical records that are legally excluded from consideration of personal injury case prosecution. Virtual Viewbox® includes features designed to expedite medical treatment and medical records retrieval process.

Virtual Viewbox® Secure Cloud Collaborative Portal 

Virtual Viewbox was engaged by Salubrio LLC to create a solution to meet the unique needs of personal injury attorneys responsible for prosecution of personal injury cases but while maintaining arms length distance from the actual medical care. PI attorneys require situational case awareness and alerts to events that can adversely affect case value and case prosecution. Virtual Viewbox® examined PI workflows from all angles and created PI360 solutions.

PI360 Secure legal portal for Personal Injury Community

Private "On-Demand" Medical Collaboration Workspace

Virtual Viewbox Inc. designed Virtual Viewbox® software solution for Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants LLC to solve the unique problems of the US Ski & Snowboarding Team shortly after the release of the Apple iPAD tablet device. USST trainers had a need for three-way collaborative sessions between trainers in other countries and the team surgeons and team radiologist located in separate stateside locations. The trainers traveled with iPAD tablets and Virtual Viewbox technology made it possible for the trainers to collaborate and review imaging studies of athletes injured during travel to World Cup events in real time. Innovative solution to Novel Problem.

* Virtual Viewbox Inc. and Virtual Viewbox software were inspired by this unique medical requirement.

RadCloud®: pioneering HIPAA compliant, private cloud network created by Virtual Viewbox Inc.  the needs of Primo Teleradiology company and the needs of the US Ski and Snowboarding team in 2010. Medical providers throughout the United States order diagnostic imaging studies to be completed at local imaging centers and interpreted by subspecialty Primo radiologists throughout the United States. This HIPAA compliant, secure private cloud platform provides the infrastructure for Virtual Viewbox and PI360 Solutions medicolegal interoperability solutions.





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