Cloud-based Medical Imaging Viewer and Methods for Establishing A Cloud-based Medical Consultation Session US 20130110537 A1

Publication date May 2, 2013     Filing date Dec 14, 2012    Inventor Douglas K. Smith

A viewing system and methods for medical consultation includes an electronic medical records (EMR) system and a cloud viewing network. The EMR system includes a PACS having a PACS image file and the cloud viewing network includes a non-diagnostic viewing module having a non-diagnostic radiological viewer and a tooling module. The non-diagnostic radiological viewer displays a non-diagnostic PACS image based on the corresponding PACS image file to an authorized user accessing the non-diagnostic PACs image through user equipment interfaced with the network. With successful user verification, methods for medical consultation with the viewing system includes the step of sharing network status with the at least one authorized user of the viewing system via a network status social network indicator. The viewing system sends a consultation session invitation for a cloud-based, physician curbside consultation session. Optionally, a non-diagnostic PACS file is viewed and, optionally, edited during the consultation session.


​​Publication date Jan 23, 2014   Filing date Jul 22, 2012   Inventor Douglas K. Smith

An ePHI-compliant gatekeeper system that provides single, controlled access, editable in real-time, to an individual patient's medical information that remains remotely stored within internal network architecture from a variety of disparate healthcare professionals, medical systems, and vendors networks. The ePHI-compliant gatekeeper system is an independent, cloud-based architecture to ensure that inherent infrastructure does not compromise existing privacy requirements and the proprietary interests of partnered platformed networks. The ePHI-compliant gatekeeper system includes user equipment and a cloud-based vetting system. The cloud-based vetting system includes a Software as a Service (SaaS) module and a Platform as a Service (PaaS) module. The SaaS module provides user authentication at login. The PaaS module electronically provides real-time updated, single controlled access to individual patients medical information, accordingly, the cloud-based vetting system provides an infrastructure application that is a plugin component to a plurality of network entities that maintain such medical information.

Preorder teleradiology workflow system and method      US 20120116816 A1

Publication date May 10, 2012   Filing date Jan 19, 2012      Inventor Douglas K. Smith

A system and method for healthcare administration and, particularly, radiologic practice workflow. A referring physician applies chosen selection sets of policy configurations to at least one dashboard before an order is placed by the referring physician. Each dashboard includes a real time augmentation function and a plurality of ranged selection sets of policy configurations whereby each selection set is initially created by the referring physician. The policy configurations are updated in real time with, at least in part, shared data input received at a group application function of a radiology social network referral system. The referring physician generates a patient preorder workfile with at the at least one dashboard in response to a patient need. The group application function collects data input for the patent preorder workfile. After a physician order entry is entered, the patient preorder workfile is actively interfaced with an electronic medical records system.

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